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Jason D. Krenichyn and Timothy S. Rease - Co-Owners

We cannot begin to thank you enough for all of the patience, creative input and positivity you exuded in recreating our site. While our first web designer was friendly and pleasant, there was no vision or guidance that came along with the fee. We gave them ideas and information in the form of rudimentary, single page skeletons and it seemed as if it was simply scanned onto the site. When we came to you with our hapless and visually limp site, you listened to and digested our frustrations. We came away from that initial sit with an excitement and sense that you truly "Got" what we do and were trying to convey in our mission and in our site. Much to our great pleasure, not only did you get it, but you perfectly nailed the intelligence, look and overall feel that we were trying to put forth. Additionally, when your idea of revamping our logo came up - to take on the improved presence of a large national brand - we were skeptical. But this is where your experience and guidance proved an even greater value. The logo is color smart, attractive and feels Powerful... Important... Sexy. Please know that Roof Advisors will forever be an advocate and fan of Jenna Fava Design Company. If we can ever be of assistance to you in reference or otherwise, do not hesitate. It would be the very least we could do for you. We look forward to doing more business with JFDC.

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St Louis Gala

St. Louis 2016 Gala Committee

Jenna, thank you so much for creating the logo and invitations for our 65th Diamond Jubilee celebration and fundraiser. Everything came out beautifully and helped set the tone for a successful event. We appreciate all of the time and effort you put into it.

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Real Life Food and Fitness

Anissa Buckley

Jenna has become a key business partner for us, in our new business venture. We hired Jenna as a graphic designer for our logo, but have been continually amazed at the depth of skills and capabilities she has also brought. Above and beyond design, Jenna has helped with branding strategy, strategic and tactical marketing planning and the complete development and management of our website. Jenna is a key asset for any business as, not only does she possess amazing design and marketing skills, but she won't rest until both you and she are satisfied!

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Sell My San Antonio House

Nick Disney

"I couldn't be happier with the website that Jenna created for me. I had a few basic ideas and she brought them all together just the way I wanted. My website has given my business a more polished and professional look and brought in lots of new clients. Thanks Jenna!"

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Dolphin Promotions

gordon merkle

graphic designers are easy to find, but finding one that puts their heart and soul into their work and into the success their client – that is rare. but that is the best way to describe our relationship with jenna fava design. jenna’s involvement in a project goes beyond the visual. she makes an exceptional effort to understand our corporate goals and helps us to achieve them through the approach to every project. jenna manages all of our projects from concept to completion – handling any advertising requirements, print production and anything else that comes her way. and in the event we throw her an unreasonable deadline – the quality of her work is never compromised. jenna has passion for what she does – and it shows!

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